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What are we and what do we do?

Containers 2 Clinics is an organization that does not only connect medical volunteers, architect, and other volunteers with organizations sponsoring medical missions all over the world but it also helps the nature to lessen its problem in the garbage. We are using container vans to build clinics and donate them to a town so that it can help them in their medical issues. We offer our services for free. Even our medical staff who volunteer and mission organizations posting these opportunities are not accepting a fee from anyone.

The goal of Containers 2 Clinics is to help women and children in their medical problems such as maternity needs, vaccination, and others. Our team of volunteers, engineers, doctors, and sponsors are always ready to help anyone in places who are in need of medical attention. There are so many places that are often neglected in the society and our aim is to provide them the help they do not get on a regular basis. With the help of the donators and volunteers in our organization, we will be able to continue creating more container clinics in more cities, towns, and villages that need it.

Once we have built and expanded our container clinics, we will provide more medical health in different corners of the world. We want to help the children that don’t get the attention they need and they deserve once they were born and up until they have grown up. We also want to help mothers who need sufficient medical attention when they are pregnant and even after giving birth. The people who are also suffering from different kinds of diseases and ailments also need the same kind of attention and that is what we want to provide in the Containers to Clinics. We want to become a great help to many people in many places.