Reshape your body, boost your energy & save our planet.

Why Us?

Together we will map your current situation and we will prepare this healthy and applicable new diet. I will ‘train’ and coach you here step by step. My goal is to make you an expert of your own body so that you can let go as quickly as possible and completely independently. Knowing that from then on you can do it alone and you know how to maintain good health.

We want to inspire you to eat more consciously and thereby make you feel more energetic, radiant and sexier! And not only to make you happier but at the same time to have a positive influence on your environment, animal welfare, environment and the planet.

About me and my mission

My goal is to support people, each with their own living situation and lifestyle, to advise and guide them in the field of nutrition and to help them achieve their goals.

Nutrition and sport
I have been a fanatic athlete myself since childhood. My life consisted of school, work and sports. As a result, I demanded a lot from my body and mind and so I discovered that good nutrition is indispensable. Because without good nutrition, top performance will not be achieved in any area.

Following my interest in sports, I started studying at the Academy of Physical Education. I wanted to do my bit for the physical exercise of other people and hoped to let them feel what a great effect physical activity has.

From my own experience, I knew that nutrition was also incredibly important. That is why, after completing the Academy for Physical Education, Nutrition and Dietetics, I started studying.

Nutritional Guidance

You can come to us with the help questions below.

Overweight or Underweight

Do you have a few or more pounds too much and is it really time to settle this definitively? Or are you running with the opposite problem and do you have to gain a lot more weight? Don’t wait to contact us, because every day you wait longer is a nice, healthy and energetic day less.

Eating problems

Food is very personal, it can go so far that it even becomes your identity. That you keep a strict regime at all costs. Whether it is binge eating, not eating, yo-yoing, vomiting or eating excessively healthy. Does your diet cause you much stress? Also contact us, because you too can learn how to handle food in a relaxed way.

Nutrition for amateur

Are you an average or fanatic athlete? Or is sports your profession? Then you probably know better than anyone what the profit is that you can make with the right food, the right dosage and the right timing. If you do collide with this or if you want to better match your diet to your training sessions and competitions, t

Power supply for photo models

Model work and achieving and maintaining the right measurements is a difficult point for many. How do you achieve the desired sizes in a healthy way? How do you keep this? And do you have the right sizes, do you get all the necessary nutrients with your current diet? Working as a model is no different than that of a top athlete and requires not only optimum sizes, but also a powerful and energetic body that radiates on all sides.

Nutrition for stomach

Have you recently suffered from stomach or intestines for a long time? Do you regularly suffer from one or more of the following symptoms: bloating, cramps, constipation, diarrhea or a combination of these, vomiting, loss of appetite, nausea? Do you regularly feel cold, do you feel down, do you have hay fever, eczema and so on? Don’t keep walking around with this. In most cases this can be solved very well.

Join Our Diet Practice 

No strict diets! This is a good diet that is especially applicable to you. With all the necessary nutrients in the right quantities. Whatever your life looks like, structured or not, calm or very busy. You too can do this, I am convinced of that!




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