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Containers 2 Clinics has free services to offer to the people in remote areas and to the town that the government and the society is neglecting. We are here to provide medical attention and facility using container vans.


We named our organization Containers 2 Clinics because of the mission to provide clinics to small towns and remote areas using container vans. Our volunteer engineers are building a medical facility using this wonderful container, and we give them to said areas.



Along with the containers clinic, there are medical supplies such medicines, stretchers, wheelchairs, oxygen, nebulizers, etc. that are giving to them.


We help every poor people but we prioritized women that seek medical attention. We believe that all mothers who are carrying a child on their wombs need a lot of support not only medication but the support from the community as well. We are here to orient them and give advice on what do they need to protect and take care of their child while in their wombs and after birth. We will monitor their pregnancy until they gave birth and will continue to their child.


The vaccine is the most important to children. Unlike in the city and the family who have a complete vaccination for their child, remote areas do not have even a one-shot of them. More and more children having sickness and died at their early age due to lack of vaccination and medical attention. This is alarming to the government, but sadly there is no response coming from them. This is why Clinics Organization created to help those people. We gave them vaccination, vitamins, medicines, and medical care for those children who are suffering in their illnesses.


Containers 2 Clinics do not stop in just medical and clinic mission. We provide a feeding program for the children and pregnant women. We also teach them how to prevent sickness on the families with simple things.