If you are considering living and eating healthier, you may have the feeling that this is quite a challenge. Fortunately, that is not too bad. It is actually quite simple, you just have to make the decision to change course. This may seem rather overwhelming because you get the feeling that you suddenly have to change everything in your life. But that is not necessary, even small changes gradually have a lot of effects.

No diet but good food

Let go of the idea of ​​dieting. Especially the idea that you can no longer eat anything. Simply healthy eating is better than dieting. You may think that all that healthy food is an expensive joke, but that is not so bad. According to research from the Discount box website , healthy eating is cheaper than unhealthy eating habits. All those superfluous snacks also tick financially, not to mention a visit to the chip shop or Chinese.

Pay particular attention to the following aspects:

  • Prepare all your meals yourself, without adding bags and ready-made sauces. It is really not difficult to (learn to) cook properly yourself.
  • Remove sugar from your diet as much as possible. The less sugar, the better. Sometimes it can be too clumsy to prepare food without sugar. It is ultimately about being aware of it.
  • Just do not buy unhealthy foods, then you will not go wrong.
  • Make sure you always have healthy snacks at home, such as fruit, snack vegetables, nuts and seeds. Then you can take something if you feel like a snack. You will see that you have less and less tendency to grab a cookie, candy or chips if you have that for roommates or visitors.
  • Drink a lot of water.

Move more easily

Everyone knows that it is good for you to exercise or exercise regularly. For sports, all exercise counts. So you do not have to go directly to the gym (you can of course), every day also counts. Certainly if you are not that sporty, or have not been for a long time, a gym is quite accessible. That is why it might be better to start walking or cycling briskly every day. By walking or cycling with other people, you will soon cover a longer distance. If you have a dog, walking is very easy. The dog is only too happy to come!

Online training

You can also move more easily from home and even do a workout. On YouTube you will find many videos with exercises, strength training, cardio fitness, but also yoga and tai chi. You only need a little space around you. You will be surprised how many different providers there are. The exercises of fitness blender are very well regarded. It is in English, but you can just join in with the movements.

All in all, there is no reason to look up a mountain against the adjustments to live healthier lives. Small changes have a lot of effect