That way we all have our own definition of what happiness is. And what it means to us. How do you find your own happiness? What is your purpose in life? If you find your own life purpose, then you have every reason to be happy. But, um … do you know exactly why you are on this planet?

You can get stress out of these 3 questions. And that is unhealthy again. You build up tension in your body. In every cell of your body the stress stores to come out at a certain moment. Therefore some simple tips to find your goal and luck.


I can tell you that we all have a purpose in our lives! By knowing and consciously realizing that you are alive. Just think of flower seed. What is the purpose of life for this flower seed? Blooming!
That seed is planted in the earth and it grows and lives. And before the flower dies, it has shown its full potential by smelling and colouring. And you? … You still have a pulse (I say that of course with a wink).

What to do?

Set yourself a goal every day. That doesn’t have to be a big goal. For example, start by taking a small step that can take you towards your big goal. Do that in a positive way. Because your thoughts determine the reality of a certain situation. It is therefore good to express positive intentions!

Your inner journey

You still have to find out ‘your life purpose’. In doing so, you ask yourself: “Why am I on this earth?” The answer to this is a process. This process is an inner journey. A quest that everyone – for themselves – must make. If you do not do this yourself, then you live someone else’s life and you are surviving.

Every day I set a goal for myself. I practice and practice the art of living!