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Welcome volunteers and sponsors! You have reached our FAQ page. Here, you can find the answers to the most asked questions in our site we posted and answer them to make it more convenient for you. Please make sure to read it first before sending us another to save you time and effort.

Q. How to become a volunteer in Containers 2 Clinics Organization?

A. Thank you for showing an interest to become a volunteer in Containers 2 Clinics organization. We are in needs of many volunteers as we want to help more people and many remote areas and small towns that often neglected by society and government. Your kindness is much needed in our team. If you really want to be a volunteer, you have at least ready to send in areas where there is no internet and you are ready to give yourself in helping people and happy on what you do.  Please send us an email showing your interest and dedication to becoming a volunteer in our organization. You will receive a response containing the form that you will fill out and invite you to come to our headquarters for the additional details and information.

Q. I want to support Containers 2 Clinics by sponsoring your organization. How can I send money to your team?

A. Thank you for your care and kindness to the people in needs of medical attention. They really need our help. For your donation and sponsorship, we suggest to come and visit us personally so we can explain to you our mission and vision in this project. We will discuss everything that you will need to know about us from then you can now donate and help the people. However, if you do not have time to visit our headquarter, you can still send us an email in our account given in the Contact Us page of this site. After that, we will respond immediately along with our email is the bank account where you can deposit your donation. Thank you and God bless with you all!