Cycling is healthy, we all know that! However, there are still many people who cycle little or not at all. They often have a car at their doorstep or use public transport. And you get tired of cycling, right? That may be true, but there are also many benefits associated with cycling. Below 6 reasons to go cycling (more)!


Cycling is a lot cheaper than driving a car. A bicycle itself only costs you a relatively small amount. You pay no road tax and you don’t have to take out expensive car insurance. A Bike Insurance Centraal Beheer is beneficial and inexpensive. This way you can safely cycle around without worries.


In addition, cycling is a relatively safe way to move yourself. Studies show that most traffic accidents occur among car drivers. This is followed by motorcyclists, scooter riders and moped riders. How does this work exactly? You are much more agile on your bike. So you can react and evade faster. This way you prevent yourself from becoming involved in a traffic accident.

The environment

All harmful fuel gases in the air are not good for the environment. Airplanes, cars and trucks pollute the air . Moreover, trees are often felled for the construction of new roads. By cycling you also contribute a little to a good environment. It may not save much, but every bit helps!


As we wrote before, cycling is very healthy. Sufficient exercise on a daily basis is very important. However, there are many people who exercise too little. So get on the bike more often! That way you are more in motion and your fitness will also increase.


You are also a lot more flexible on the bike than in the car. That way you never have to search for a parking space. File’s are also no problem for you. You can also get to more places by bike. Especially in the cities it is much more convenient to cycle. Then we are not even talking about all the traffic lights that you avoid …

To enjoy

As a last reason: it is enjoyment! You can enjoy the surroundings by bike. There are many cycle paths in nature reserves where you can relax. You can even go cycling with several people. So it will not be lacking in fun!

Enough reason to go cycling! Do you cycle enough? Let us know in the comments below!