Welcome to Containers 2 Clinics! An organization created and founded to collect containers and create it into clinics for those places who are in need of medical support and attention.

The Containers 2 Clinics organization knew how much medical attention is needed in so many areas and places all over the world. Some people lack the medical supplies they need in their clinics and hospitals while other places don’t even have any of these facilities to accommodate them when they are in need. Our organization decided we should provide the needs of other people in places which are often neglected. We made sure it is possible to create new medical facilities such as clinics for these areas. For years, we accomplish creating these medical clinics in many places. We were able to build accommodating clinics for people and even ones with their own glass garage door in the Arizona. These clinics which is located also in many other cities are available for the medics and people to use whenever they come to help or get help themselves.

These clinics, however, will not be possible to create without the help of our great architects and engineers who are kind enough to join our organization and give us a hand. Because of them, we were able to create our image of containers to clinics image into a real one. They gave us a great help to start this kind of medical mission and without them, we wouldn’t be able to help out as many people as we can.

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What does ‘containers 2 clinics’ mean and how does it work?

The Containers 2 Clinics was simply derived from its literal meaning. We were able to gather a lot of help from architects and engineers that made it possible for us to build container clinics. Yes, we wanted to help out many people as we can but we also wanted to do it without focusing on the fancy clinics. We only wanted to create a place that we can build in many places and accommodate the people who are in need. The project ‘containers to clinics’ were successful so far and we are now able to provide a medical mission for many people. Other than that, the clinics built on their places will permanently be there to accommodate those people who are in need. We did not just want to do medical missions from time to time. What we want is to make sure that even after building these container clinics, they could still come back whenever they need to. These clinics made from containers will be forever in their town or village as long as it can last. We would also provide medical team as much as we can to help the people who need medical attention.

The Containers to Clinics only want to become an organization that would provide medical attention to places which are often neglected. With the help of these amazing clinics built from containers, we will be able to accommodate more people and we want to continue doing it for as long as we can.